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Latest Fashions in Starplaza

Latest Fashions in Starplaza

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun  …

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Make up your own rules with DKNY Spring 2009!

Pop Art Styled Outfits

Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Fashion So Different, So Appealing? Just this minute, faster than a speeding bullet, its the Pop Art influences rampant on the runway and soaring across the silver screen.

The look is hot, young, and just a little sweet— for the most part graphic and above the knee, with faceted and angular cutting as a prime feature. Look up in the sky … is it a bird, is it a plane? It’s SuperStarDoll in a Roy Lichtenstein inspired frock!

Bossa Nova Styled Outfits

Inspired by the work of Brazil’s prolific fashion superstar Alexandre Herchcovitch (four collections per season and the beach paradise prints of Pucci, the Bossa Nova collection explores  a colorful a range of current trends, from ruffles and layering through kaleidoscope-prints , scarf dresses  and big amulet jewelry


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