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How to Get a Lot of Clothes on Stardoll

Are you bored with your 2 outfits on Stardoll? Read further to keep your money, and get your clothes


  1. Know that not everyone gets money to buy Stardollars so, it’s best to have at least $25.
  2. Look in all your Friends’ suites Bazaar’s for clothes that you might be able to keep or sell on.
  3. Realize that even if you don’t find something attractive but you know it’s popular, certainly buy it because if you do, then someone might want to buy it off you.
  4. Don’t make silly deals, like a pair of shoes or a dress for $20, because it isn’t likely someone else will be that stupid and buy it off of you.
  5. Always ask your friends how they are and be nice to them BEFORE you ask them to buy something in your Star Bazaar, because no one likes a message that says hi, buy something out of my suite.
  6. If you would like to buy designs, some good ones are by MadMacMom, Cari_666, loveSaturday, jello1444, and crazy199.


  • Try not to spend too much on maybe a pair of shoes, unless they’re rare.
  • Write down what you bought and how much it was, because then you’ll know if Stardoll overcharged you.
  • As well, a small cheat: Make a scenery called : <body bgcolor=—–> —– is where you enter your color. Then when people go onto your page they will see whatever color you selected.


  • Try not to do trades. Some people aren’t honest enough to give you their things and they scam you. But there are some good traders, like Isabella.Arci, VampLady, and SmokinRedhead.

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