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How to Earn Lots of Starpoints on Stardoll


  1. Become Superstar. So this is not mandatory, but veteran users have realized that you earn starpoints easier and rack then up quicker when you support Stardoll. 5.95$ for 1 month will give you access to lots of places around Stardoll and will let you buy lots of exclusive things for Superstars only. If you can’t buy with a credit card, go to Target, Bestbuy or Walmart and pick up a 10$ card.
  2. Sign in daily In addition to earn 1 Stardollar daily, this will get you started. Some people can earn up to 3 Starpoints just by signing in and writing a letter and visiting pages.
  3. Follow these initial: Follow these daily. If you do, you can earn over 500 points in under 2 months. These add up to over 11 points per day.
    • comment an album
    • comment a guestbook
    • add a new friend
    • accept a request
    • dress up a doll and save it in your album
    • change your doll and save it, then change it back
    • press ‘save’ in your suite a few times
    • send a broadcast
    • buy something


  • Learn about Stardoll’s time. You can rack up points quicker if you know when points are added, especially if you frequently stardoll for 1-3 hours or more daily.
  • Be polite to others, don’t spaz when they have something you want. These people can give you really helpful tips and tricks to getting points quicker
  • If someone can change your starpoint count and offers to change yours, beware. If they can change your point count, they don’t need your password. Only once in Stardoll history has this happened and it was due to a problem with Stardoll.
  • But if you get lucky and they can be changed, don’t add more than 500 points. Going crazy will make it more obvious and will get you deleted.
  • Chain letters do NOT work. Pasting things in guestbooks, albums and sending long messages don’t boost your starpoint count. They just give you the title of ‘spammer’ and ‘gullible’. Spamming one album or guestbook gives you the same credit torwards points you would get by traditionally signing one. Long messages don’t work either, they’re just ways to spam others.
  • If you get lucky and learn a cheat to get starpoint rewards before earning them, think before you spend 25$ on a unicorn or 15$ on an elephant. Whenever you get to that prize reward, you’ll have already claimed this prize and you will actually be short a reward. This can cause glitches as well as raise eyebrows. Just wait, trust me.
  • Typical Starpoints earned daily by average members: 8
  • General Starpoints earned daily by superstars: 11-16
  • Total Starpoints earned weekly by average members: 45-64
  • Total Starpoints earned weekly by superstars: 77+
  • Most users will earn under 3500 starpoints before deciding to leave Stardoll. Users spend about a year and half on Stardoll then leave, that is if they feel an immediate attraction to the site when joining. If you spend 2+ years on Stardoll, you’ll become a veteran. Believe it or not, most users are not active for more than 1 week after signing up. it’s estimated that 30% of members are not active, 10% of Stardoll are actually fake accounts and 40%-60% of active users actually sign in daily.


  • Cheating will raise eyebrows and give you a bad rep.
  • Don’t share cheats with others if you find out how to get more starpoints, keep it to yourself or you’ll cause anarchy and be considered public enemy #1
  • Ask for help instead of bothering veteran starpointers
  • Think you’re starpoints were calculated wrong? The staff is very lazy, they usually don’t believe you or will not bother to help. Try and fix it yourself, usually you will earn the lost points the next day in addition to extras.
  • The top starpointer list by Callie is not always correct. Many users have been glitched, meaning they have not signed in for months and have in excess of 5000 points.

Things You’ll Need

  • A stardoll account.

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