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How to Become Cover Girl on Stardoll


  1. Log on to your account.
  2. Take a look at your me doll, your suite and your presentation and think about what you can change.
  3. Start with your me doll. Change her around (e.g change hair from brown to black) then put accessories on her.
  4. Change your suite around because when people vote someone cover girl they like to see the suite.
  5. Buy lots of clothes so that people can change them.
  6. Check your presentation. Make sure it talks about either you or your me doll, and it has matching colours with a small, neat font.
  7. DON’T send messages asking people to vote for you. They’ll think it’s really, really annoying and won’t vote you.
  8. Wait and see what happens.
  9. Ready? log on to [1]!


  • Be patient.
  • These tips won’t work first time, so keep trying.
  • Some people won’t like your doll, and that’s natural. Don’t worry if someone calls your doll ugly. They could just be jealous.

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